Saturday, February 18, 2012

HT-8 Graduation! (March 2011)

 Graduating Class
 Steve and I
 My boy Josh
 Steve taking a nap
 Mitch, Me, Jackie, and Jan
 Me and Jackie
House Party on the Beach
Me and Jack (he is a hairy man)

Finally. Complete with flight school. Kinda. In March 2011 I received my wings, after completion of HT-8 Advanced. It was bittersweet. Sweet because after 2 years of training I finally got to wear my "Wings of Gold." Maybe a little bitter because I had made some fantastic friends in Pensacola, most of which I stay in contact with and soon after the winging I was to report in Jacksonville, Florida. I had quite a few people come out to see me get my wings. My mom and sister came, along with a whole bunch of my friends. Josh McCormick actually drove all the way from Ft. Bragg, NC in order to attend. CDR Scott brought his family from Jacksonville, but he flew down from the War College up in Rhode Island in order to do that. I was very honored. I gave Steve Gorham the honor of pinning me, if it wasn't for him I would have never went to college. The party lasted all weekend... I rented a house on the beach for my family and friends to stay in, and we had a blast. I am glad everyone came out, pretty sure I cried a few times that weekend. I have the best friends, and even though I don't get along with my family most of the time... it was great to have some of them there supporting me.

JR... out.

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