Saturday, February 18, 2012

HSM-40 (March 2011-November 2011)

 Me and Pete "Money" Mooney
"Casual Friday"
Taking off from Mayport
Gies baby!
Pete Mooney taking all day to put it on the deck

Flight school… isn’t over? Lol. Well now that I have finished flight training, I am here at my first squadron, HSM-40. Which is… a training squadron. I wish I had more photos and posts to write about the actual squadron, but I don’t. I can say that I was pretty busy with studying for flights and briefs, but I think I didn’t take a lot of pictures because it was actually a lot of the same. I can say that I actually started flying my fleet aircraft, the SH-60B. I can say that I successfully passed a NATOPS check, and subsequently an instrument check and a 9X. The 9X is an Anti-Submarine warfare checkride… think about (insert deep movie voice here) 1 helo vs the world, short on time, protecting those on the big grey ship he loves the most… the SWOs. Haha. Well, it was like that in my mind. I did get a call sign at the FRS, not one I am very proud of… but it was a good one I guess. The instructors and even CO and XO knew me as “Casual Friday.” I’ve heard of worse call signs, so I wasn’t too butt-hurt over that one. When not at the squadron I spent a lot of time at the beach, and made even more good friends. I will speak to them in future posts.

JR… out.

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