Saturday, February 18, 2012

Galapagos (March 2011)

 Foreigners??? Nice...
 Johann and Junior checking out the surf
 Random shot of the beautiful water
 In port
2 hour ride in this to Isabela
Good times with Johann

The Galapagos! I had been itching to take a trip out of the states for a while, and after completion of flight school, I thought I’d go visit my buddy Johann. Johann is my best buddy, I’ve known that dirty German since he was 11. So I flew down to South America into Quito, Ecuador. After one night, I took another flight, about 4 boats and just as many taxi rides to finally end up on his little island paradise. Isla Isabela is the name of where we stayed. There wasn’t much to do there except outdoor activities. Internet was slow, TV was kind of non-existent… it was great. The Galapagos is probably one of the more beautiful places I have been. We surfed pretty much every day, well Johann surfed- I busted my ass trying to get back into it after about 5 years of not surfing at all. We went scuba diving and saw everything from hammerheads to manta rays, and sea lions to penguins. Yes I said penguins… it was wild. Google it. After almost 2 weeks on the rock it was time to head back, thanks for a great time Johann!

JR… out.

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