Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fleet Week Ft. Lauderdale (April 2011)

 Crazy Jack
 Me and Jack
 She stole my hat, obviously the wheels were falling off, look at the emblem...
I wanted his hat
Thanks.... Jenn?

One good thing about having an awesome friend who is EOD (Jack Hanson), is that they get some pretty nice hotel rooms for some events. Fleet week Ft. Lauderdale here I come! This was such a debaucherous weekend I can’t post all of the photos, and the ones I do have I can post were pretty much before we started drinking. Ft. Lauderdale did a great job of opening up to us… especially the strip club. I will take all the blame for forcing the 3 married men I was with into going into a strip club… but I’m glad they came with me. Upon walking in the door the best looking dancer in the joint walked up to me and asked me if I wanted a dance. I said “No thank you.” Very politely… and then she proceeded to tell me that the dance had already been paid for, at this time there was two old men in the corner of the bar who waved and gave me a thumbs up. God bless America. After the club I decided (pretty sure we can put the emphasis on “I”) that we hadn’t had enough… so we went to a local bar named Cheers. I can say with conviction that the quality of women here, wasn’t exactly what one would call a “target rich environment.” Lol, but we had fun regardless. When I woke up I was totally out of it and confused. I didn’t have my wallet, or my camera. Thankfully the woman who had it dropped it off at the hotel and they mailed it to me. I guess I spent some time with her that night that I don’t really remember… hopefully she was as pretty as her handwriting.

JR… out.

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