Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chief Select Handsome Jack Hanson Esquire (April 2011)

Best looking dudes I know 
Inside joke (ask Jack to pull his pants down...) 
Who would have thought? 
Jack's EOD crew

One of my best buds, Jack Hanson, found out he was selected to Chief recently. This is a big deal. I have known Jack for 11 years. He was stationed with me in Sicily, and we have a lot in common. Besides the facts that we joined the Navy with a couple weeks of one another, our birthdays are a month apart, we both started as ETs (Electronic Technicians), and have ass tattoos (not matching), Jack has just always been a good friend to me. So his wife and I threw him a little surprise party. Thanks for everything Jack, congrats on making Chief brother!

JR... out.

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