Saturday, February 18, 2012

Beach Shenanigans (Summer 2011)

The devil... 
Me and JB heading to the beach 
Old school crew 
Me and Tammy 
Heather and her friends from VA 
The 118 1st Ave South Crew 
I am an artist 

I am pretty upset at myself for not documenting my summer a little better. Every day or night we went out was an adventure. We loved theme parties, or even just dressing up for the hell of it and going out like idiots. I would bring out the cooler I built with a stereo in it to the beach, and we would just rock out during the day. The ridiculous kegerator that I acquired got much use in the evenings and then again after the bars closed. I think in the 9 months that I was in Jacksonville, we killed 10 kegs. Pretty impressive if you consider our core group was about 7 or 8 people. I miss my friends in Jax Beach a lot. They are a solid group of guys/gals… we had our “Melrose Place” moments, but for the most part, I think we all get along really well and looked out for one another. My next door neighbors Roger and Norma were pretty much saints. Well, maybe Roger isn’t a saint… lol, he is a little crazy. Jack and I got an opportunity to reunite with Mike Postel and Jason Dalyrumple for a weekend. It was pretty epic. The picture in this post was a remake of a picture we have from when we were all about 20 years old. Sorry these pictures are weak, hopefully the Tour de Franzia and 80’s going away party will satisfy the need for party pics.

JR… out.

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