Friday, June 24, 2011

Keep this going?

Hey guys...

Man I have been so busy here at the FRS (Fleet Replacement Squadron) that I haven't had time to take alot of pictures to be posted. I don't know how many hits this blog still gets or if anyone is still interested. Make a comment on this post telling me if you want me to keep it up... if I get a few people that are still reading this and want me to continue posting pictures of flight training and my upcoming tour to Atsugi, Japan... let me know. And if not, we had a great run, thanks for tuning in.

JR... out.


Arthur said...

Although I no longer see myself being a Naval Aviator due to what's going on with the boards and my age fast approaching the max age I still check in regularly. If you don't keep it up though I understand and I enjoyed the information and encouragement you passed on when I was making a run for it. Good luck in all you do and wish me luck as I start civilian flight school later this year to make a run at the airlines now!


Anonymous said...


I will be leaving for OCS in three weeks for the 17 July 2011 class. My designator is NFO and I have found this blog to be very helpful as I begin my career in the Navy. Whether you continue this blog or not, I just wanted to thank you for all your comments and advice. Good luck with everything as you finish FRS and prepare for your first sea tour. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Yo! James! I still read your blog. Keep it up. --Joe

Anonymous said...

I'm still reading, and I'm glad things are going well!

Emma said...

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Anonymous said...

i'm 23 and have been considering Naval aviation as a possible career. Just wanted to say thanks for the insight. Seems like a tough road to bare. I'm curious to know what aircraft you're flying...I'm guessing some variant of the Seahawk??