Friday, January 14, 2011

Solo Tallahassee!

RI’s complete! I made it! Check ride went well, and now I can move on to the rest of the syllabus. It is great to have this monkey off my back. So this is my last solo in the mighty TH-57C (at least at the controls).  I chose to go to Tallahassee because it is about as far as I can get on one tank of gas.  I’ve got a few friends there, my buddy Todd and my lady friend Jamilyn. We met up at Momo’s for one of their ridiculously large pizzas. In case you don’t recognize the bum sitting next to me in a flight suit… that is Zach Moorer. Zach and I did all of our CCXs (Cross Country flights) together and were partners in RI Sims. I requested that he be my ride-along, and I’m glad that Skeds hooked it up. The flight was fun, thankfully uneventful, and now on to the rest of the program. I am on pace to get out of here late Feb or early March. If I get my number one choice I’ll end up flying HSC in Guam. I really want to live overseas again, living in Italy for three years was awesome, now I want to try the other coast. Here are some pics of my solo.
JR... out.

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Anonymous said...

Guam is absolutely beautiful, plenty of secluded waterfalls and places to explore.. if that's your sort of thing. :o) H.