Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mustache-uary 2011

I declined to mention that since Christmas break, I have been growing a mustache. That’s right, a creepy, disgusting, wonderfully awesome and powerful mustache.  The competition was fierce among the other participants in the squadron, and I’m sorry to say my upper lip was undeserving of an award. The cookout/get-together was a lot of fun, and LT Ahlen put some time into a funny video that hopefully won’t keep getting shut down by Sony and Fox. Damn digital copyrights. I made some pulled pork and a homemade BBQ sauce that got me quite a few compliments. I just wish that I hadn’t been drinking the night before when I was creating the “Mustache Juice” and wrote down what I put in there. Haha. Maybe I can figure it out before the Superbowl. Enjoy the pics, more to come soon…
JR... out.

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I didn't see too many comments on here so I wanted to say thanks for the blog of your journey. Very interesting, keep up the good work!