Saturday, January 8, 2011

Look at these lazy bums!

That picture of KP still maes me crack up... (last pic, dude with the 'stache) When I first took these pictures, I thought about how they might look (um, bad?) to someone who doesn’t really understand the program here, or how our day progresses.   This was a second or third bad weather day in a row.  The majority of the room had been in squadron spaces prior to 6am, completed a weight and balance, checked weather, and briefed the flight (takes 30 min to 2 hours depending on the brief).  Then the waiting game. Because this is a training command and our mission is the safe completion of an “X”, we don’t push forward with a flight if the weather looks rough. I think that for almost 3 days in a row the ready room looked like this. The Xbox was fired up b/c the BCS championship was days away, and we were running our own simulations. The CO used one of the days to give a rundown of things that the squadron is up to, and what we can expect over the next couple months. I thought it was really cool, reminded me of an old school Captain's Call and got the students involved. Only a couple more flights to go and then I am finished with RI’s, hopefully we get some good weather.
JR... out.

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