Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Break!

This year I decided not to spend the holidays with my family. Due to some of the drama going on down south, I thought it might be better for me to take a little road trip, visit some friends, and try out some debauchery in another city besides Pensacola for a week or two.  Besides a little stroll through Zoo lights in Gulf Breeze, very little of my Christmas was conventional.  I’m glad I at least did see the lights, it is nice to know even Santa prefers helos over jets.  Anyways… faced with a plethora of options, I started by packing a bag and heading to New Orleans. My buddy Ben lives out there and has a really cool loft apartment right downtown.  After a few nights of $100 bar tabs, waking up wearing beads and neon necklaces, and a fuzzy memory of a 4-foot-something Asian girl pulling a knife on me… it was time to move on (true story!). The next closest city with some good friends was Jacksonville, FL. I didn’t stop except for gas until I got there. I was fortunate to spend some time with my buddy Jack, his wife Jackie (??? Awesome?), and my buddy Will. Will is on that new crazy LCS ship that utilizes a jet-drive like a huge waverunner, and joysticks instead of a normal helm. After a cool tour of the ship (which will get its own post) I looked into hanging out with my old buddy Mitch Duggan.  Mitch was a Senior Chief when I met him, and we became friends going to school together on the weekend.  He is retired now, and we went to the same hole in the wall that we would frequent for liquid lunches before returning to class.  If you play golf in Jax, I’m sure you are familiar. Murray’s.  It was good to see you buddy.  After that, it was time to head back and get back in the groove to finish RI’s. It was a good break, and I came home with some good stories. No regrets.

JR... out.

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