Wednesday, October 20, 2010

BI Flights

Sit in a chair and stare at me for 2 hours.  Welcome to BI's.

Finally done with Sims! Which means now I get to stare at an instrument panel in a real helicopter? Please and thank you. All kidding aside, I am really excited to get back in the aircraft. The simulator truly feels like a game, and the instructors teach you how to “beat” it. “Set this nose attitude, set this power, turn this angle, ok… now take your hand off the controls! See it flies itself!” Yeah, ok. Not so much in a real helicopter. You have thermals you have to deal with, the shuddering of a real helicopter, and the AFCS (Automatic Flight Control System) isn’t so automatic. BI flights are the beginning of very long days for students. Not only do you have to fly a flight for yourself, but because you wear a “hood,” another student sits in the back so that he/she can clear (look out a window) the right side of the aircraft. I don’t have a lot of pictures for these flights, mainly because there isn’t much to them. It is the same maneuvers over and over, the same ones that you learned in the simulator. The difference is that you are “eased” into the RI portion of the syllabus which includes flying approaches and departures. That is all for now, see you soon.

JR… out!

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