Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Dreaded INAV Test

OMG. (Oh, my, God… for people over 40) This test pulls more attention than any test I’ve taken in the flight program so far. People make it out to be a student killer. Maybe it gets its rep because it gets more failures than any other test in Advanced? My opinion: None of the tests in Advanced are that hard... except the INAV. Here is the info… open book test. Seems simple enough right? Um, did you see the books? I wish I would have taken a picture of them right before the test (by the way, anyone reading this with a pic of all their books tabbed up… send it). Our books are tabbed to the point of ridiculousness. The majority of the test focuses on finding obscure information in the mountain of pubs that we received especially for this test. The purpose of this test is to train you to flight plan and use all the available publications that the Navy makes accessible to you. A smaller (but in no way insignificant) portion of the test is the “Jet Log” and DD-175. The Jet Log is a calculation of distance, time, and fuel burn for every portion of your route of flight. The only thing that makes it difficult is in order to "standardize” it for testing purposes, there are a bunch a rules you must follow… and basically memorize. It sucks. Anyhow, the test is done, the pain has passed, and I’ll take my 92% all day long.

JR… out.