Monday, September 20, 2010

Super Fams Sucka!

Super Fams!  Well, not as super as their name... but they are more checks in the box, and more flights towards getting my wings.  Super Fams are more familiarization flights that you complete after your solo (yes, I have already solo'd and made it back in one piece).  They are for increased proficiency before you move on to your "Tactics" flights.  My solo went well (you actually fly with another student to an outlying field and then back) and now I am in Super Fams.  Because this block of flights isn't exactly high priority, the pics I have are of me and my buddies sitting around cracking jokes hoping to get picked up on the pick-up board.  There is a large student ready room with a flat screen that loops ESPN all day, so we get a little bit of studying done, but mostly catch up on all the games that we don't really have time to watch.  Anyhow, enjoy the pics... Tactics is bound to have some better stories/pictures.

JR... out.

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