Saturday, September 25, 2010

Confused by my Tactics?

Tactics!  Some say it is the most fun that you will have in Helo Advanced.  Personally, I enjoyed the aerobatics and form flights of Primary, but the Tactics flights were definitely the coolest flights in the Helo to date.

"This block is to introduce you to all the cool things helicopters can do, don't worry... you won't be really good at it." -LT Ahlen

I guess that kind of sums it up.  In this block of training you fly High-Speed Approaches, Confined Area Landings, and External Ops.  They take the doors (the rear doors) off the helo and 2 of the 3 flights you fly with a crewman in the back.  I got to catch a ride to one of our outlying sites and sit in the back with the doors off.  That is probably one of the more enjoyable experiences in my Naval Career so far.  (I wish I was allowed to have taken pictures of that)  I am kind of jealous of the guys that get to do it all of the time.  This block of training starts with the student and the instructor taking the bird out to an outlying field to practice flying into the field at 100 knots, 50 feet, then almost taking out all power and pulling aft stick to slow down to almost a walking speed and land.  It was pretty awesome.  (a normal approach has the helo at 50 knots at the field boundary at 150 feet)  The Confined Area Landings are completed on the next flight, and are basically a steep approach into a wooded area that has a landing site.  The crewman in the back directs you and clears the rear of the aircraft.  The last day is external load training... kind of benign, but it was still enjoyable and good training.  I was able to shoot a little video of our instructor (LT Gomez) demoing the maneuver before I got a shot at it, and in one of the videos a couple sections (group of 2) came in to split the field and land.  Enjoy the video and pics... I'll have more up soon!

JR... out.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Super Fams Sucka!

Super Fams!  Well, not as super as their name... but they are more checks in the box, and more flights towards getting my wings.  Super Fams are more familiarization flights that you complete after your solo (yes, I have already solo'd and made it back in one piece).  They are for increased proficiency before you move on to your "Tactics" flights.  My solo went well (you actually fly with another student to an outlying field and then back) and now I am in Super Fams.  Because this block of flights isn't exactly high priority, the pics I have are of me and my buddies sitting around cracking jokes hoping to get picked up on the pick-up board.  There is a large student ready room with a flat screen that loops ESPN all day, so we get a little bit of studying done, but mostly catch up on all the games that we don't really have time to watch.  Anyhow, enjoy the pics... Tactics is bound to have some better stories/pictures.

JR... out.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Megan's Wedding

A buddy of mine from API (you might have to go into the archives on the right there) decided to tie the knot in Pensacola.  She contacted a few of us that were still around from API and requested for us to attend her wedding and perform a sword arch for her and her husband to be (J.C.).  The wedding was at Old Christ Church in downtown Pensacola.  It was a classy ceremony, and then everyone met up at the O' Club at NAS Pensacola for the reception.  Megan had the foresight to place us at the table closest to the bar (kudos!) and plant (I think the only) "single" girl at the wedding at our table.  We drank in true Navy and Marine Corp fashion, and got the party started early into the evening.  Congrats Megan and J.C.!

JR... out.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today we salute you...

Tyler Flagg, a buddy of mine from API and Primary Training, wrote this Bud Light commercial for me.  He is currently in Enid finishing up his training in the T-44.  Thanks Tyler, and we miss you down here bro.

Today we salute you 'Mr. Tannest Man in flight school'...

Anyone can live in Milton, study every night and make it through pilot training...but it takes a real man to push the limits of crew days in order to make squids and kids night every week...

You schedule your flights around your GTL time, and keep your visor up at 8,000 feet, because why not? you're just 8,000 feet closer to the sun...

Group Study sessions and Practice Sims? Who needs can always just figure that shit out in the plane...

So crack open an ice cold bud light...because your golden brown tan says "Sure, I'll fly a plane...but I came here to party"

JR... out.