Monday, July 12, 2010

HT-8 Ballers

Last week I had my first week of training in my new squadron, HT-8.  The "Eight Ballers" is one of three helicopter training squadrons at NAS Whiting field.  The others being HT-28 and HT-18.  I am currently in Aero class (aerodynamics) learning that helicopters probably shouldn't fly.  Seriously, the amount of moving parts and craziness that goes into making one of these things move is amazing.  I can't wait to get in the air.  One more week of class, one week of CPT's (a static trainer that you practice emergency procedures in) and then I should be getting close to flying the real thing.  More pics to come once I actually start doing something worth posting about. This was a quote we read in class, it made me laugh...

“Like all novices we began with the helicopter but soon saw it had no future and dropped it. The helicopter does, with great labor, only what the balloon does without labor, and is no more fitted than the balloon for rapid horizontal flight. If its engine stops, it must fall with deathly violence, for it can neither float like a balloon nor glide like an airplane. The helicopter is much easier to design than an airplane, but it is worthless when done.”

-Wilbur Wright


JR... out.