Tuesday, June 1, 2010

RI Training Aids

RI's have kinda been kicking my butt.  They aren't alot of fun, and besides that, I don't think I am really good at them.  Besides that, flight school just keeps trucking along... and I am one more week closer to completion.  Of this phase.  Lol.  I am still thinking P-3's, but am torn because I really feel like I would enjoy flying helos more.  The actual flying part... helos are so damn cool.  Well, I thought I grew out of smiley faces and notes on my paperwork... but Mr. Kapple (one of the sim instructors) does things a little different.  It is a little goofy, but it makes the debriefs light.  And he is a real cool instructor.  And so I present to you, a couple of RI print outs from a few of my flights with Mr. Kapple.  Enjoy.  Hopefully I get my cross-country to Gainesville this weekend and I take a lot of pictures.  See you guys soon.

JR... out.

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