Sunday, June 13, 2010

CCX Gainesville

The stars aligned for me last weekend and I was able to do a CCX (Cross Country) to Gainesville, FL.  Normally students pick a destination a little farter away, but we felt that with the weather closing in from the West, it might be a good idea to stay close to home.  Besides, I have seen Key West quite a few times.  It worked out great because the A/C in our plane was being a little punk and it was hot as hell outside.  3 short legs and we were drinking beer at University Air in G-ville.  Gainesville was awesome, and we had a great time.  Stumbled into a frat house party, took a bunch of pictures we don't remember, and I woke up with a bashed leg that looks like I got hit with a bat.  I toughed out the last few flights home and we returned on Sunday.  I should have went to medical but I had 3 flights left in Primary and there was no way I was going to let them med down me for my leg and have to wait another week or two to finish.  Last couple flights were actually pretty painful, but I played it off and got them done.  Thanks Craig (DeGarmo) for taking me and they boys around and showing us a good time.  Looking forward to doing it again.  The most random and awesome thing happened in Tallahassee.  I grew up with the Monson boys, Joe and Todd from the Keys.  On Sunday I am parking the plane and who is my lineman?  Todd Monson.  Instead of giving him the normal "thumb up" sign, I threw him the bird.  He cocked his head to the side a little and then I raised my visor.  It was great to see you man, even if it was only for a gas-and-go.  I can't believe I get paid to do this.

JR... out.

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