Friday, May 14, 2010

50th Anniversary Party at Flounders

Oscar, The Skipper, Me, and LT Jenkins
Me and CDR Murphy
Me and Oscar
Andres (Spaniard), Me, The Skipper
Me and Casey Taylor

This past weekend (Friday), the VT-2 Squadron had its 50th Anniversary party.  It was a blast.  It kicked off at 3pm and went until... well, I have a hard time remembering leaving.  I don't remember paying my tab, but I do remember riding in a cab to a Waffle House, and ordering the whole menu.  Most of the students and instructors that were there were drinking their fair share as well.  It was great.  Oscar brought his Rat-Rod out to the party and showed it off to a few instructors.  He just finished building it a few weeks earlier.  Here a are few pics from the party, and a pic of Oscar's ride (not taken at the party).

JR... out.