Friday, April 23, 2010

I make RI's look good...

Lol. Yeah right. Well, officially RI's has started. Today was my first day of class. I look a lot happier in that picture than I should for sitting in a classroom with 25 other guys (and 1 girl) on a Friday morning. It is boring stuff... very dry material, and good lord... do you think they give you enough books? RI's is the block of training that you learn how to fly the plane with instruments only. Towards the end of RI's I'll get a shot at taking a Cross Country flight.  Most guys head to Key West, but I think I'm gonna try and see what is going on during the weekend that it is gonna land on and pick something ridiculous. Well I'm getting ahead of myself... in the first block of RI's if you fly during the day they put a "bag" over your head (a little tarp that reminds me of the sun shade on a baby buggy).  Hopefully I will get some flights at night so that I don't have to wear the bag. It sucks being under the hood. I actually heard a rumor today that our completion date is in 35 days. That would be fawesome, yes fawesome (thanks Rohona). I hope so... I am ready to move on to something else. Still shooting for P-3's, and if that doesn't go through then Helo's and then California here I come. That is all, more pics to come soon.

JR... out.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Forms Complete! (Magnum flight of 2)

I don't know what got into the scheduling office... but I like it.  Tim and I (my form partner) have been flying our asses off the past couple weeks.  It has been great.  We nailed our solo this morning and have the rest of the day off, Magnum flight of 2 for the win.  I'm gonna head over and do some online courses to get a little ahead, and then this whole week should be pretty skate.  Tim and I are about to start the last phase of Primary training, and if everything goes well, we will be finished in 6 weeks or so.  Here are a few pics of before and after the flight.   See you guys soon.

JR... out.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Formation Flight

On to the next one! Formation flights! Last week my form partner and I (Tim Phillips) got out our first form flight. In formation flights, you fly the airplanes in a formation (duh) and sometimes the correct position is pretty damn close. The correct position for the "Parade" position for instance is 4 feet wing-tip to wing-tip, 10 feet of step down, and 20 feet nose to tail. Until you get used to it, it feels extremely unnatural to be that close to another airplane. Hell, I just finished my 2nd and 3rd flight of forms and it still doesn't really feel natural. Our flight's call sign is "Magnum." We got to pick whatever we wanted, and for some reason Magnum made Tim and I laugh so we went with it. Most of the instructors get a kick out of it. It is better than "Eagle" or something else nerdy. We let the Air Force guys pick crap like that. So we had an "Out and in" today. That basically means that for the first flight we flew to Bay Minette, Alabama and landed at the strip there (1R8). We got served up by the cute FBO girls that work there (food is free... I tried to trick Tim into giving me 5 bucks saying I already paid for his but LT Bintz ratted me out, I got Bintzed), and then flew back to NAS Whiting. Of course on the way there and on the way back we went through the routine of our form flight. It consists of giving each other hand signals (you are flying close enough to see and acknowledge them) and then complying with the signals. Cross-under (just like it sounds, crossing from one side to the other- boxing the corners), break-up and rendezvous (break up is self explanatory- the rendezvous part is the lead plane setting a 20 degree angle of bank and the wing position setting a 30 degree and slowly burning holes in the sky until you rejoin up in formation), and a lead change (both pilots get a chance to fly lead, and then wingman). I'm trucking along in flight school now after not doing much for quite a few weeks... and am starting to have a lot of fun. The weather has been beautiful and every instructor we have been flying with has been really cool. I think that is all for now. Check out the pics (they aren't me and my partner, but you get a look at the parade and turn-away position). And I'll slip one in there of the Bay Minette girls. Check back soon for more!

JR... out.