Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break was EPIC

Well... Operation Spring Break 2010 (my 29th birthday) went down with a success.  It was a freakin hot mess- of greatness.  All 10 or so of us were drinking awesome-sauce all weekend.  And we managed to stay standing.  Friday and Saturday night were classic, and the beach on Saturday- well, let's just say I felt like we were the kings of Panama City.  People wanted to just stand next to our tent because that's where the party was.  You weren't allowed to play beer pong unless you were wearing a bikini or part of the group, and that kept the numbers normally in our favor.  Tyler Flagg made some giant ta'tas in the sand to block the wind from the beer pong table that we had dug out, it was clutch.  Beer shoes, dizzy bat, and a beer funnel.  This post can go on for days.  More pics on my FB, but we had an amazing time- and it felt good to party with such a large group of good people.  It was probably my best birthday ever.

JR... out.

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