Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rohona Rhys Unleashed


Thanks for emailing me these links.  They have kept me busy during the days that I've been sitting on my ass and not flying (when I'm not at the beach). ;)  Good stuff, and really funny.  Enjoy guys, most all of this is SFW. 

1. [This dude posts his response to people's queries and concerns in the most ridiculous fashion, usually with biting sarcasm. (scroll down to "next time I will spend the money on drugs instead")]

2. [I feel like the name says it all!]

3. [strangest collection of random people in a family setting]

4. [once you enter this land of amazing, every mouse movement lets you become the artist and every time you click, the color changes]

5. [serious stuff with a witty spin]

6. [I never want to end up on this site]

7. [community art project that is refreshing and shocking]

8. [what else is there to say :)]
If you enjoy this type of sarcasm and wit, visit Rohona Rhys Unleashed.  Take care guys, pics and posts of Formation flying coming soon.  Johann is flying into Miami from the Galapagos Islands in a few weeks and heading up here, the plan is Jazz Fest in New Orleans.  Stay tuned.
Thanks Rohona.
JR... out.

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Rohona Rhys said...

Hey there, Sparky!
Thanks for the shout out :)
The new pics you posted are fantastic! Keep it classy. Be a good boy.