Monday, March 15, 2010


Flight school has been going pretty slow... there are the normal plane waits, there is weather, maybe you or your instructor get sick, or maybe the plane breaks during your run-up or pre-flight checks. Recently cracks were found on some of the planes during maintenance. That turned into checking all the planes for cracks, which in turn ended up downing almost all of the planes for close to a week. It was found that many of the planes had this same "stress crack" issue. A team was flown down this past weekend to start repairing the planes. Currently each squadron has about 6 working birds or so at their disposal every day. Not exactly working out considering that there are 200 students in VT-2. I walked into the hangar today to get a look for myself and talked to a couple mechanics. Supposedly it is an 8 hour job just to get the airplane apart to remove the bracket with the cracks on it. I'm probably going to be here forever. They are starting to eliminate flights from the program (streamline it) to get people out of here faster. So far they have taken out the last 2 aerobatic flights and cruise forms (another 2 flights). I'm guessing at the rate I am moving now, I might finish flight school at the end of July, but we'll see. Thats all for now. Hopefully I'll have more pics up soon, but here is a pic of some of the planes in the hangar.

JR... out.

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