Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rohona Rhys Unleashed


Thanks for emailing me these links.  They have kept me busy during the days that I've been sitting on my ass and not flying (when I'm not at the beach). ;)  Good stuff, and really funny.  Enjoy guys, most all of this is SFW. 

1. [This dude posts his response to people's queries and concerns in the most ridiculous fashion, usually with biting sarcasm. (scroll down to "next time I will spend the money on drugs instead")]

2. [I feel like the name says it all!]

3. [strangest collection of random people in a family setting]

4. [once you enter this land of amazing, every mouse movement lets you become the artist and every time you click, the color changes]

5. [serious stuff with a witty spin]

6. [I never want to end up on this site]

7. [community art project that is refreshing and shocking]

8. [what else is there to say :)]
If you enjoy this type of sarcasm and wit, visit Rohona Rhys Unleashed.  Take care guys, pics and posts of Formation flying coming soon.  Johann is flying into Miami from the Galapagos Islands in a few weeks and heading up here, the plan is Jazz Fest in New Orleans.  Stay tuned.
Thanks Rohona.
JR... out.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Aerobatics Complete!







Today I just finished my last Aerobatic Solo.  Normally there are two more flights of aerobatics, but due to the amount of planes we have working and how slow all of the student's progress have been, they eliminated them.  I thought I would put up some pics of diagrams so that you can see what the manuevers look like.  In the plane they are alot of fun, personally my favorite is the barrel roll.  Today's weather was pretty bunk so I didn't even get to do any aerobatics.  It blew.  I did get to cruise the coastline across the bay from Mobile and just enjoy the fact that I got to fly today... something that most of the peeple around here don't get to say.  The video is old, and actually a repost, but if you  hadn't seen it there is alot of aerobatic and spin manuevers in it to the tune of "Black Betty."  See you all soon.

JR... out.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break was EPIC

Well... Operation Spring Break 2010 (my 29th birthday) went down with a success.  It was a freakin hot mess- of greatness.  All 10 or so of us were drinking awesome-sauce all weekend.  And we managed to stay standing.  Friday and Saturday night were classic, and the beach on Saturday- well, let's just say I felt like we were the kings of Panama City.  People wanted to just stand next to our tent because that's where the party was.  You weren't allowed to play beer pong unless you were wearing a bikini or part of the group, and that kept the numbers normally in our favor.  Tyler Flagg made some giant ta'tas in the sand to block the wind from the beer pong table that we had dug out, it was clutch.  Beer shoes, dizzy bat, and a beer funnel.  This post can go on for days.  More pics on my FB, but we had an amazing time- and it felt good to party with such a large group of good people.  It was probably my best birthday ever.

JR... out.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

McGuire's 5K

This 5K was ridiculous. If I hadn't went out the night before and gotten bombed then maybe I would have finished it... just kidding. It was just more fun hanging out at the Dooley house and yelling at the other 10,000 people who were running the race. I got a good mile in to get to Tyler and Jon's place, worked up a good sweat, then proceeded to drink beers whenever people would yell "honk". The party at McGuire's afterwards was sick... something like 800 gallons of Irish Wake's (their signature drink), beer, food, and live music. It was awesome. Topped off with some beach time (of course), this was a great day.

JR... out.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sim Bay

I'm not in RI's yet (instrument phase), but when I am I will be spending a lot of time in here. My Mom came to visit a few weeks ago and I took her around base, we stopped in the Sim Bay because it is pretty cool to see and I had never took any pictures of it. The large ones that are on pedestals actually move while you are in them. It isn't really like a ride or anything, but I guess it gives you some kind of sensation of movement. The little ones on the ground are mainly for teaching nuggets the emergency procedures and running through how a PEL (precautionary emergency landing) should look like instrument-wise. I've been cancelled again for the day... maybe I'll get out tomorrow.

JR... out.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Flight school has been going pretty slow... there are the normal plane waits, there is weather, maybe you or your instructor get sick, or maybe the plane breaks during your run-up or pre-flight checks. Recently cracks were found on some of the planes during maintenance. That turned into checking all the planes for cracks, which in turn ended up downing almost all of the planes for close to a week. It was found that many of the planes had this same "stress crack" issue. A team was flown down this past weekend to start repairing the planes. Currently each squadron has about 6 working birds or so at their disposal every day. Not exactly working out considering that there are 200 students in VT-2. I walked into the hangar today to get a look for myself and talked to a couple mechanics. Supposedly it is an 8 hour job just to get the airplane apart to remove the bracket with the cracks on it. I'm probably going to be here forever. They are starting to eliminate flights from the program (streamline it) to get people out of here faster. So far they have taken out the last 2 aerobatic flights and cruise forms (another 2 flights). I'm guessing at the rate I am moving now, I might finish flight school at the end of July, but we'll see. Thats all for now. Hopefully I'll have more pics up soon, but here is a pic of some of the planes in the hangar.

JR... out.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Cancelled again?

My buddy Hans said it best today. "Every day is like Groundhog Day." We wake up, we brief, we wait for a plane, we get cancelled, we go home. Repeat. It is just silly sometimes, here are a couple pics I just took for fun. Line shack, the flight line, and my boy Nate (baldy).

JR... out.

Tie-Cutting Ceremony

LT Rack gave me a "Retired" Sticker for being one of the older Pilots in training.
LT Rack cutting the tie.

Me reading off the list of songs LT Rack liked to sing in the plane, i.e. Elton John- Tiny Dancer, James Taylor- Sweet Baby James, Poison- Every Rose Has its Thorn.

Oscar, the Skipper (Cdr. McGuire), and I all chummed up.

Me and my boy Oscar.

One of the cool traditions of becoming a Naval Aviator is the "Tie-Cutting". After you solo, your On-Wing (the instructor pilot assigned as your mentor and primary instructor) gets to cut your tie off with a big knife. LT Rack is the large bald man cutting my tie- and the coolest on-wing ever. The story behind the ceremony is that back when aviators wore scarfs, the instructor in the back would reach forward and yank on it to get the student's attention. So by "Cutting the tie" the instructor pilot doesn't have anything to grab on to in order to get the student's attention to yell at... well at least he has to try a lot harder. It was a great ceremony, and I even had my roommate and the Taylor's come out to support me. On to Aerobatics! More pics to come!!
JR... out.