Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mardi Gras 2010

Mardi Gras is coming up so fast this year. It happens to fall on President's Day weekend, which means we will be able to catch 3 days of ridiculousness. I am excited. Last year I had fun, but I only went with Jimmel and one buddy. We gotta crew going this year, and got a free place to crash courtesy of Ben. Look for pics in a couple weeks, it is gonna be awesome. Oh, and if anyone is heading out that way, definitely give me a shout and lets meet up! Later guys.

JR... out.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

To be, or not to be... happy.

After almost 8 years together, Jimmel told me she doesn't want to continue our relationship anymore. It wasn't a complete shock, we had been having fights over trust issues almost every weekend we saw each other for the past few months. Of course we have been working through our most recent issues for almost a year, but she would say that she hasn't been happy for a long time. That makes me sad. I keep thinking about things I could have done differently in our relationship that maybe wouldn't have made it end this way. But the more I think about it, the more I think that Jimmel just isn't happy period. If I would have done things different I think she still would have felt incomplete, and not happy, and it would have only posponed this journey another year or two. I don't think that leaving me is going to make her (in the long run) any happier. But I hope it does. I hope she does find out what in her life can make her happy, and obviously if it really was me and our relationship that was making her miserable, then I am ashamed. But I can't be with someone who doesn't want to be with me, and would I really want to? So I am giving her what she wants, no fighting, no trying to talk her out of it, just going to walk away. Maybe one day she will look back at our relationship and determine that as rough as it had been going, she wishes she would have chosen differently. I will probably never know. Well, I've had enough thinking about this today. Later guys.

JR... out.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hurry up and wait...


I haven't had a flight since Monday. I guess I was supposed to have a "Safe for Solo" clas prior to starting the block of training that I am in, but it nver got scheduled. So this week has been long and slow... I can't wait to get back in the cockpit. Hopefully I can get the class knocked out on Wed, and be back flying on Thurs. I had such a good flight on Monday with the CO of the squadron. It feels like the more you fly, the more confident you are. When you sit around for a few days, you start to feel like crap. I found out what my NSS is today (the score that basically you have in flight school) and I was pleasantly surprised. I definately don't feel that I have been doing that well, but my score is well above the average (at least for now). As long as I get through his thing I will be happy, and I feel alot better about my progress now after hear that I am doing well. For a long time I felt that I was a below average pilot, probably because there is so much crap to know, you never feel like you know enough. I think that is enough for now, stay tuned for news of my soon to come solo. Can you believe they are gonna give me the keys? There was a time I would have never thought I would be here, but I am so fortunate and grateful that I am.

JR... out.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Silly Video

I haven't been posting much lately, but I remembered this silly video the showed us when we checked in. Kinda goofy, but you get to see some planes in action. Check it out.

JR... out.


Well guys,

Sorry it has been awhile. Everything is going ok on my end so far. I am currently in the Contacts 4200 block of training. I know that probably doesn't mean much to anyone reading, but I can safely say that with good weather, I have a good chance of getting my first solo out in the next couple weeks. That is a big part of the training here- to show that you can operate a plane safely by yourself. I feel like my flying skills are coming along, and actually started to have fun in the plane a couple weeks ago. (Flying right now is alot of work, and to be honest, not a lot of fun until recently). My on-wing (LT Rackauskas) is probably the coolest guy in the squadron. I feel so lucky to have him, and he is a very encouraging pilot. He likes to sing in the cockpit, and when I feel like something I do brings us a little closer to God, even for a second, he laughs it off. Hopefully I will get some more pictures up soon. Jimmel and I had a good Christmas and New Years. Christmas was spent in Jacksonville and for New Years we went to Aqua Eve in Tampa. I will put some pics up once we get them online. Thank you everyone for your support, and keep checking in on me, more to come!

Some flight line pics.

JR... out.