Thursday, August 6, 2009


Aviation Preflight Indoctrination. I started this beast a week or so ago, and it is consuming pretty much all of my time. My class has a good mix of Coast Guard, Air Force, Navy and Marines. We even have a group of Flight Docs going through with us as well. 36 or 37 strong, we are probably one of the larger classes. In class, we have been learning alot of physics and airplane characteristics over the past week. Most of the people who are rockstars in the class have degrees in physics or aerospace, or some other hard science degree. I have a BS in Workforce Education, and it isn't really pulling its weight here. All that really means is that I have to study more. I came to a realization the other day... I have always though of myself as an above-average student. Not the smartest guy in the class, and definately not the guy struggling to get by. I'd say most of the time I was just above average without putting in any extra study time or effort. What I realized here is this: everyone here (at least) is that same above average guy. There isn't many below average students here in flight school. Maybe here I am the below average student... I find myself studying harder and longer than any exam, midterm, or test that I have ever taken. The past week or so hasn't been very fun, and if you ask any of the instructors around here I'm pretty sure they would say it isn't meant to be. Thankfully, the swimming part of API is coming pretty easy to me, and the mile swim shouldn't be a problem at all. I will post more pics soon once we get into the "fun" stuff. See you guys soon.

JR... out.

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Anonymous said...

JR...Goscila here...glad to see you were selected and able to make it into flight school. Good luck the rest of the way bud...