Monday, July 6, 2009

Solo baby!

It has been some time since my last post, and because I have some downtime today I thought it would be nice if I posted a little something. My flights were cancelled today due to weather so I get a day of rest and studying. I am almost finished with IFS! There is only a few more flights to go and then I will be on the waiting list for the next phase of flight school. I heard the wait isn't too long right now, but you kinda "hear" alot of garbage around here. IFS has been great. My primary instructor Marc Pompei is really cool, and a good teacher. I finally got my landings down about 1 flight before my stage check and solo. For a while I was so frustrated with my landings. I was told they weren't that bad, but I am really critical of myself... I guess I thought I would hop right in the cockpit and be Iceman. Anyhow... things are going great out here so far. Here are a couple vids and pictures of IFS. The videos will get better, I am about to invest in a miniature HD camera and will be taking many more videos/pictures.

JR... out.


Zack said...

hey JR, congrats on everything so far. you seem to be having a lot of fun!

your cousin, Zack

Jimmel said...

I still say that it looks scary but I would go up with you :)

JR Walsh said...

Hey what's up little Zack! Well, I'm sure you aren't little anymore... what are you like 22-23 now? I live in Pensacola and would love to visit you in bama (if you still live there?). Hit me up on my cell. 904.899.3286.


I love you baby! And I'm gonna hold you to it... ;)