Monday, July 13, 2009

Had to do it...

Marc, the "Ramp Dancer", was my flight instructor for the past month or so. He made the mistake of showing me this video, knowing damn well I would probably post it. Should have kept this one in the closet buddy. ;)

JR... out.

IFS Complete

Well guys, I just cleared the first hurdle. "Initial Flight Screening" was a pain in the ass for the first week or so, and then you start having fun. My last flight was a Cross Country solo (no, I didn't actually fly across the country), and it went great. Marc... thanks for all of your help, you are a great instructor and you gave me the confidence I needed to finish up the way I did. You were the best instructor to go up with, and I was lucky to have you. I am looking forward to having a week or so off so that I can relax before I start the next phase (API). All of my buddies in API right now say they study a minimum of 3 hours a night and 8-10 hours over the weekend. Not too excited about that... ;) I've got some pictures and a You Tube video here to check out. Hopefully you will get a laugh out of the video, I had a laugh making it.

JR... out.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Solo baby!

It has been some time since my last post, and because I have some downtime today I thought it would be nice if I posted a little something. My flights were cancelled today due to weather so I get a day of rest and studying. I am almost finished with IFS! There is only a few more flights to go and then I will be on the waiting list for the next phase of flight school. I heard the wait isn't too long right now, but you kinda "hear" alot of garbage around here. IFS has been great. My primary instructor Marc Pompei is really cool, and a good teacher. I finally got my landings down about 1 flight before my stage check and solo. For a while I was so frustrated with my landings. I was told they weren't that bad, but I am really critical of myself... I guess I thought I would hop right in the cockpit and be Iceman. Anyhow... things are going great out here so far. Here are a couple vids and pictures of IFS. The videos will get better, I am about to invest in a miniature HD camera and will be taking many more videos/pictures.

JR... out.