Friday, June 12, 2009

Flight school is go!

It is time. I officially start the first phase of flight school next week. We received our books and indoc briefs over the past few days and actually start ground school on Monday. I am pretty excited. The Navy is doing a "multi-tasking" survey/test that is supposedly going to become a part of the screening process for pilots and navigators. The pics in this post are of my class playing these "tests" (more like a bad Atari game with a joystick and throttle) while listening to a lady recite random numbers and letters in your ears. The object is to play the game (test) and push a trigger on one hand or the other depending on what the lady recites. Kinda frustrating, but it was fun. Check often... more to come soon!

JR... out.


Bluevoodoo said...

Dude! I could've sworn I saw BF2 on one of those screens!

JR Walsh said...

Lol, dude I don't think I can even play a video game anymore. I haven't touched a FPS in forever.