Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gave myself Hi-5

I gave myself a Hi-5 today... been working on the apartment all weekend and it is starting to come together. Figured if I am going to be here a year or so (probably won't finish before July 2010), then I wanted to be comfortable. The walls are a little crazy, but if you know me at all- you know I dig blue. I'm trying to get my hands on a few more surfboards to put up, but am happy with everything so far.

I met the coolest pastor ever over the weekend. I spoke with him today about some of our life experiences and it turns out he was the equivalent of a Navy Seal for the Australian Navy! He had some sick stories. Anyhow, he invited me out to shoot pistols and drink beer with him on Thursday morning... (my type of pastor), pics to follow soon!

JR... out.


Axley said...


JR Walsh said...

Thanks Matt... you're blog is real clean man. We should get together and you give me some tips.

brooke coben said...

BIG props on the apartment!! very very nice!!! Blue is perfect.