Thursday, October 23, 2008

Off to Newport, RI

Today is Thursday the 23rd. 2 days before I make the drive up to Newport to start my training. It is a long haul so I'm gonna split up the drive and visit some friends on the way. I have been feeling pretty nervous lately but I guess that is normal? The last time I went through any training that could even be compared to this was over 9 years ago. It also doesn't comfort me to know that I am one of the older candidates in my OCS class... the majority of the group is in their mid to lower twenties (I am 27). I know, I know... I'm not that old right? Well my body tells me different (my Mom says it is from too much partying and the booze), still... I have to stretch ALOT. Anyhow, I'm ready to do this. Ready to get it on. I will have very little communication for the next couple months, but I expect to get on a computer closer to Christmas and over holiday break (Christmas is the only time of year leave is authorized at this command). Here is a cool website that has some slideshows and an in-depth write-up on what happens at OCS for those of you interested.

It is also in my "Blog Links" on the right side of the page, the title is Pushed to the Limit.
Well... I guess this is goodbye for now. I look forward to posting some more pics after OCS. Maybe a few with me in a speedo? I think I will. Just so we can have before and afters (I am guessing I will lose around 20 pounds)... here is the before (this is for you Mom/George).

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A little to busy to keep us up to date I see...who woulda figured? anonymous and very humble MMCM(SS)