Friday, October 17, 2008

Cleared for Take-Off Launch!

Hey guys!

Well I decided to put my computer skills to use (Mom, you should be happy) and make this blog for friends, family, and whomever else wishes to visit. I named it "Cleared for Take-Off" for two reasons... one should be obvious. The other is that I feel like I am at a turning point in my life. I don't think that I ever really believed that I would finish my degree. I didn't plan on staying in the Navy very long either. I didn't really have any direction and was on a path that wouldn't have went far. That all changed when thankfully I met a beautiful woman who inspired me and believes in me and our future. Thank you Jimmel. Back on topic... you can read my intro above and check out my profile to learn more about me. I really hope everyone enjoys reading my posts and checking out the many pictures to come. I will do my best not to bore you! Thanks for visiting, visit often, and leave me comments so that you can tell me how I can improve the site. Jax crew: please keep it PG-13, my Mother might be stopping in...


Michelle said...

Added your Blog to our family blog as a favorite.

LookingUp said...

JR I'm glad your dad forwarded your blog to me... I'll be checking in! ---becki neely

George said...

Hey JR,

This is your Dad's good friend (And yours) George Le-Bert.Great blog! I'll be checking in periodically.

Warm regards,


I'll forward it to Georgie also.

Deana said...

What's up JR? Just wanted to drop in and say that I had a really good time visiting you and Jimmel this past weekend. You're blog sounds good...and I'm sure it will get even better when you share all the experiences that are soon to come with us. You're a great writer too (in case no one has ever told you). Take care of yourself...Love you, Deenie

JR Walsh said...

Thanks for commenting guys! I am glad to hear from you. I will have one more post before I leave for Rhode Island that you can check out. I hope to see you guys in the future, sooner rather than later of course! Deana, it was great to see you too! Visit Jimmel anytime you want, I'm sure she would love to have you. And no.... I have never been told I am a good writer. I got a "D" in English remember? :) Talk at you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey JR,
Not a bad blog for a squid in speedos.
I hope everything is going good for you in OCS.
Miss talking to you on TS like we use to do now and again.
Keep up the good work sailor.

Your Brother,
Tom C.